We offer some very unique features in our courses which sets us apart from the rest. Below, you will find some of our key highlights.

Affiliation with APAM, Malaysia

Certifications are internationally attested. Partnership programmes like Student Exchange, International Workshops, Exhibitions and Competitions, providing global opportunities.

Affiliation with FIP

Certifications are attested by Federation of Indian Photography, the largest photography body in India, which provides an official recognition to the Portfolio development, an integral part of the curriculum.

Studio Workshops and Photo Walks

Our workshops boast a state-of-the-art studio, with advanced equipment for portraiture and product photography. Our outdoor photo walks, guided by professional mentors, is a very unique curriculum.

Permanent Association

Become an integral part of an institute of a group of artists, with access to a library of international photography catalogues, discussion groups and an advanced studio setup, even after course completion.

International Competitions & Exhibitions

The courses are designed with precision to enable the students to be ready for photography competitions and exhibitions worldwide. We guide students with insights, and have had a high success record.

Interactions with Masters

We provide platforms and create Opportunities to meet, interact, and work with the greatest masters of the industry. Talks, workshops and group discussions, are organised from time to time.

About us

CSCP is a photography school founded by the internationally renowned contemporary photo artist, Sounak Banerjee, who is an apprentice of the world famous Magnum photographer, Padmashree Raghu Rai. It boasts a distinguished faculty and a committed and high-achieving student body.

Today photography has taken a lead interest of many enthusiasts but lacking professional training and guidance, they are restricted from a complete evolving of their talents and confined to showcasing of their creativity to a very limited circle.

This is where CSCP comes in. It was founded with a view to realize the potentials present in these hidden talents by a professional and object oriented training, and to provide knowhow into gaining international exposure.

CSCP is a team of 300 plus , and it's primary focus is on the core development of its students and providing them with the required exposures. CSCP has produced many award winning artists in record time, and is critically acclaimed for it's quality of work. CSCP is much renowned for its class and accomplishments.


• To train professional photography starting at the needful basics.

• To develop the photographic eye to spot elements otherwise missed by the untrained amateur.

• To train the technical essentials of photography.

• To create professional and advanced photographers at the end of each course.

• To guide and provide exposure to international competitions, exhibitions and circles.

• To enable people to be a part of a group, sharing ideas, having discussion sessions, and provide a studio at their disposal.

• To ensure busy people such as office goers, school students and homemakers, get a chance to learn this subtle art.

Affiliation with APAM and FIP

CSCP is affiliated with the prestigious photography organisation, "Association of Photographic Artists, Malaysia" and Federation of Indian Photogrpahy, the biggest photography body in India.

Certifications are internationally attested. Partnership programmes like Student Exchange, International Workshops, Exhibitions and Competitions, providing global opportunities.

APAM, Malaysia

Association of Photographic Artists, Malaysia

FIP, India

Federation of Indian Photography


"Spirit of CSCP" is a short video clip, which tries to capture the ideologies of our institute. The inspiring messages by our founder is the key to the success of our students. 'Family', is what they call themselves.

Watch the video, to dive into 6 minutes of pure motivation.


CSCP was founded by the internationally acclaimed photography artist, Sounak Banerjee, EFIAP, EFIP/Gold, Hon. PESGSPC, GPA. PESGSPC, Hon.CPE., Hon. FAPAM, FAPU, Hon. FWPAI, Hon. FPPS

Sounak Banerjee

Photography Artist & Founder

World ranking: 20 / India ranking: 2
Travel division, PSA 2016

World ranking: 30 / India ranking: 5
Nature division, PSA 2017

Excellence Fédération Internationale de l'Art Photographique (EFIAP), Belgium

Excellence (GOLD) Federation of Indian Photography (EFIP/G)

Fellow of the Federation of Indian Photography (FFIP)

Fellow of Asia Photographers Union, Singapore (FAPU)

Honorary PESGSPC (HON. PESGSPC), Cyprus

Grand Progress Award PESGSPC (GPA. PESGSPC), Cyprus

Honorary Campina Photographic Exhibitions (Hon. CPE), Romania

Honorary Fellow of Association of Photographic Artists, Malaysia (Hon. FAPAM)

Honorary Fellow of Wildlife Photography Association of India (Hon. FWPAI)

Mr. Banerjee is a Kolkata based photo artist and is renowned internationally for his work in this field. He has a global ranking of '20' in Travel Photography, and is ranked '2' in India as per the statistics of the Photographic Society of America, 2016, and is listed dominantly under all sections in the 'Who's Who in Photography' listing. His work has won national and international acclaim, bestowed upon by various global organisations affiliated with the highest authorities on Photography Exhibitions such as FIAP, PSA, RPS, IUP, ICS, GPU, FIP, to name a few.

He has won over 600 awards in various National and International photography competitions from over 60 countries across the globe. He has been adjudged the 'Best Indian Entrant' twice at International Photography competitions held in India, and the Best Photographer award, the prestigious FIAP Blue Pin, at a tournament in Hungary. He also bagged the 'All India 3rd' position for two of his works at a national-level contest organised under the patronage of the Federation of Indian Photography.

His association and work with the masters of photography, such as Padma Shri Raghu Rai, has earned him recognition and reputation of the highest order across the world.

Many of his works have been exhibited in distinguished art galleries across the world, in more than 70 countries, including some very renowned ones like Annexe de la Marie of Paris, France, and the Jehangir Art Gallery at Mumbai.

He was conferred with the distinction of EFIP GOLD ( Excellence/Gold Federation of Indian Photography) in 2019, and before that, FFIP (Fellow of the Federation of Indian Photography) by the Federation of Indian Photography.
In 2018, he was conferred with the prestigious distinction of EFIAP from Fédération Internationale de l'Art Photographique, Belgium.
Recently, Mr. Banerjee was awarded two Honorary Distinctions from Cyprus, for his outstanding contributions and promotion of international art photography, the prestigious Hon. PESGSPC and the Grand Progress Award, PESGSPC.

Mr. Banerjee is a member of the Photographic Society of America and the Federation of Indian Photography.

Honorary Members

We are honoured to have on board with us in our club, the greatest stalwarts of the industry. They inspire us, guide us, and drive us in achieving the highest levels of photography.

Padma Shri Raghu Rai

Magnum Photographer


Steve McCurry

Magnum Photographer


Rafique Sayed

Fashion Photographer


Mario Marino

Portrait Photographer


Julia Coddington

Street Photographer


Sabyasachi Chakraborty

Wildlife Photographer


Students' Achievements

Our students are our pride, our assets. The standards set for them are only the best, and nothing but the best. Our programme aims at grooming them towards this target. Their accolades speak for themselves.









Our Portfolio

Take a peek at photographs we have created. You will be doing the same, perhaps even better once we are done with you.


Still Photography


Astro Photography



Sports Photography

Creative Fashion

Students' Works

Have a look at some of the photographs taken by our students, with a contemporary approach.

Rritam Mitra

Avik Pal

Arpan Dutta Chowdhury

Avik Datta

Amrita B. Gupta

Dipankar Shil

Jhuma Bala

Apurba Sarkar

Short Term Courses

We have customized our courses to suit everyone whether they are office goers, students or homemakers, and a variety in curriculum is offered so you can pick just what's right for your goals.


Three Short Term Programme options meticulously tailored for the needs of a photography student.

For 1 Programme, the fee is Rs. 25,000 (Payable in Instalments)

For 2 Programmes, the fee is Rs. 45,000 (Payable in Instalments)

For 3 Programmes, the fee is Rs. 65,000 (Payable in Instalments)

Programme 1


Rs. 25,000

payable in instalments

  • Understanding Content
  • Travel, Photojournalism, Wildlife, Landscape
  • Creative Photography
  • Technical Principles
  • Advanced Composition
  • Wedding Photography
  • Colours
  • Geometry of photographs
  • Regular analysis of photographs
  • Outdoor Photo Walks
  • Knowhow of International Competitions, Exhibitions & Distinctions
  • Basic Editing of Photographs
  • Access to CSCP Workshops at special fees
  • Project and Certification
  • * Weekly classes for 3 months

Programme 2


Rs. 25,000

payable in instalments

  • Advanced Lighting Theory
  • Portrait and Fashion Lighting
  • Practical workshops with
  • · Professional Models
  • · Industry's leading Make-Up Artists
  • · Professional Designers
  • Western and Ethnic fashion
  • Creative Portraiture and Fashion
  • Mastering Editing for portraits and fashion
  • Opportunities for portfolio marketing
  • Access to CSCP Workshops at special fees
  • Project and Certification
  • * Weekly classes for 2 months

Programme 3


Rs. 25,000

payable in instalments

  • Concepts of photography editing
  • Basic usage of Photoshop
  • Detailed usage of Camera Raw
  • Advanced editing in Photoshop
  • Advanced Black and White treatment
  • Advanced Colour treatment
  • Creative photography techniques
  • Introduction to various photography filters
  • Repairing and retouching tools and techniques
  • Understanding color spaces, color management, and printing
  • Regular assignments
  • Analysis of work
  • Access to CSCP Workshops at special fees
  • Project and Certification
  • * Weekly classes for 1.5 months

One Year Diploma Course

Our Diploma Course is designed to engage the student in a complete end to end professional training, and a thorough portfolio development, enabling one to prepare one's platform for a rewarding career. The certificate awarded is attested internationally from APAM, Malaysia, and by Federation of Indian Photography, the largest photography body in India.


National & International Certification

Rs. 1,20,000

payable in instalments

  • Course Highlights (Included in fees):
  • 3 Day Photography Trip with our Director (included in the fee)
  • Participation in Annual Photography Exhibition, completely sponsored by CSCP
  • Help with studio practice sessions during the tenure of the course
  • International attestation of Certification from APAM, Malaysia
  • Certification by Federation of Indian Photography
  • Guided Outdoor shoots with the faculties and team
  • Studio Practicals
  • Professional Models, Designers and Make-up artists
  • Regular analysis of photographs
  • Access to CSCP Workshops at special fees
  • Introduction to International Competitions, Exhibitions & Photography Distinctions
  • Access to CSCP library of Photography Books and Catalogues
  • Portfolio building and guidance for career
  • Curriculum:
  • Study of Content of various genres
  • Creative Photography
  • Street & Documentary Photography
  • Photojournalism
  • Nature & Wildlife Photography
  • Introduction to Photo Stories & Series
  • Technical Principles
  • Advanced Composition
  • Colours
  • Geometry of photographs
  • Contemporary Landscape Photography
  • Introduction to Contemporary Wedding Photography
  • Advanced Studio Light Theory
  • Fashion Photography (Western and Ethnic) - with studio practical classes
  • Portrait Photography - with studio practical classes
  • Still Life, Product & Food Photography - with studio practical classes
  • Creative Photography - with studio practical classes
  • Advanced Editing and Photoshop
  • * Weekly classes for 12 months

Contact Us

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